Every Happy Hammock is a handmade work of art offering high quality, durability and FUN.

Our hammocks were developed based on years of experience of an Israeli expert fisherman who used to make and repair his own nets.

Once retired from fishing, instead of just relaxing, he continued making nets, only this time as a hobby to be used as hammocks. The word of high quality and durability quickly spread to local clients who, to this day, choose our hammocks over any other for their beauty, comfort and durability.

Today Happy Hammocks can be found all over Israel from private homes to bed and breakfasts and small Inns.

As a result of tourists visiting Israel, using our hammocks during their stay and purchasing them before going back to their home countries, we have recently decided to make them available to North American customers as well!

From simple hammocks for singles, couples and families with or without decorations, the sight of a Happy Hammocks just gives you a relaxed feeling and a strong need to do… absolutely nothing.

The Happy Hammock… the art of doing nothing.