Hammock Components

The net and ropes: Are made of nylon or polyethylene, making them both flexible and stable in all weather conditions (sun, rain, snow etc). There is no need to store our Happy Hammocks during bad weather! Rain, snow or shine, they will last a very long time.

Spreader bars: Are made of either wood (American oak) or fiberglass, both known for their strength and durability. The wooden bars can also be decorated (hand-carved decorations) with themes, logos, slogans or personalized with names, etc.

The hammocks are handcrafted with great dedication and attention to detail, using only the finest materials, which also make them weatherproof with no need to remove and store during inclement weather. As an example of their durability, each of our large hammocks can hold up to 660 lbs!

Installation Instructions

All you need to install your hammock are two points to secure it to. These can be trees, poles, a wall-mounted hook or any other structure that is stable and strong enough to hold the weight of the hammock and its user/s. If the structure is a pole or tree, wrap around it a strong rope and securely tie it so it does not move. Please make sure knot will not get undone once the weight of the hammock bears on it.

From time to time, check on the rope and knot to make sure that all is OK and tied well.

Tips on How to Treat Your Hammock

The Happy Hammocks are strong and durable and can be left outside throughout the year. Made out of high end materials that will last for a very long time in sun, rain, wind or even snow.

To ensure the integrity of our hammocks, never try to undo or cut the ropes and/or net, and keep them away/prevent them from touching or rubbing against sharp objects.

If you are not planning on using your Happy Hammock for a long period of time, you can always store it in your garage or basement. There is no actual need to do so, as our hammocks are weatherproof and durable; however, if you really need to store them you can just disconnect them from the rope that holds them in place, roll them up, put them in the custom bag they came in and voila! You're done.

Things to Do with Your Hammock

Hammocks are great pieces of garden furniture (can also be placed inside with freestanding stand) that allow their users to just… do nothing!



There’s nothing better than lying on a hammock, relaxing, reading a book, dozing off or just holding a conversation. Whatever it is that you want to do on your hammock, you’ll enjoy it more if it’s a Happy Hammock!